Impact on the environment and the effects of pollution are nowadays considered an integral part of the development process of a product.

Profoam goes one step further by using biodegradable, non toxic raw materials adapted to the requirements of a cleaner environment. Our R&D department pays particular attention to any possible environmental impact from the effect of new chemical substances likely to be used in the production of foam concentrates.

PROFOAM promotes the use of protein based foam concentrates. The natural antifreeze properties of proteins removes the need to use glycol, which is harmful to the environment, but necessary as an additive in synthetic based foams designed to be stored and used at low temperatures.

PROFOAM is particularly concerned about protection of the environment.

For foam production, PROFOAM uses fluorated tensio-actives, essential for conferring excellent resistance to hydrocarbon contamination of foams. It has been proved in the efficiency classification results our foams have achieved according to European standards EN1568.

PROFOAM formulates its foam concentrates with tensio-actives issued by telomerisation manufacturing process which eliminates the risk of producing PFOS (PerFluoro-Octanoic-Sulfonate). Consequently PROFOAM commits itself to never use raw materials classified by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) USA as PBT (Persistent, Bioaccumulator, Toxic).

Furthermore, our tensio-active suppliers have also assured us of elimination of all traces of PFOA (PerFluoro Octanoic Acid) likely to affect public health and presently under evaluation by EPA.

PROFOAM is for ever attentive to the respect of the environment.