A full range of protein and synthetic based foam compounds have been developed by Profoam chemists to efficiently fight all types of hydrocarbon and polar solvent fires.These include:

- Protein and Fluoroprotein based foams
- Hi-Ex synthetic based foams
- Film forming foams, synthetic and protein based
- Pseudoplastic and Newtonian Alcohol-Resistant foams, protein - and synthetic based
- Class A foams

The exhaustive research and development undertaken by Profoam's technical department has resulted in an extensive and diverse range of high quality foam products suitable for use in all hazardous environments, such as those found in oil and gas production facilities, petrochemical and chemical plants, heavy industrial plant, and in the specialised situations encountered by fire fighting teams working within fire-brigades, civil aviation and the armed forces.

Furthermore, PROFOAM monitors in its laboratories the physiochemical properties of foam liquid concentrates supplied to various customers. This important free of charge service, which can be undertaken on a small 5 litre sample sent to the laboratory with the relevant product details and batch numbers, ensures that the initial characteristics and efficiency of a foam product are maintained.

With a 10,000 m2 production facility housing some of the most advanced and innovative technology available, PROFOAM can produce commercially significant quantities of a variety of foam compounds.

Key features of our production plant include an ultra modern high capacity filtration system, ensuring both the maximum filtration capability for protein based foams and the elimination of sediments.

In addition, there are multiple stainless steel foam production reactor vessels, each with an individual capacity of 30 tonnes.

Finally, as part of our commitment to the environment, we have installed a "scrubbing" system that eliminates all noxious gases and pollutants.