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Profoam Fabricant d'émulseurs mousse anti-incendie


Formed in 2003 by a group of experts in the field of fire-fighting foams, PROFOAM draws on the extensive knowledge of the dedicated teams at Sabo Italy and Sabo France, and most notably on the experience and expertise of Dr Attilio Morandi in the field of chemistry and the formulation of foam concentrates.

This technical capability is allied with the extensive infrastructure and advanced production technology of the world renown PROCHIMICA group.

With a production plant located at the heart of the European continent, PROFOAM can quickly and efficiently distribute its products globally via Milan airport or from any of the nearby seaports.

Based in Paris to oversee global sales, Profoam International has a team of experienced specialists ready to assist and advise our international customers and end users.


Driven by the need to supply foams quickly and often in an emergency, substantial infrastructure investment has resulted in a state-of-the-art production facility designed to fully meet the market requirements.

Laboratories and fire-test field facilities are situated close to the production unit and a well-equipped Research and Development Department and training rooms complete the production, control and after-sales facilities, giving professional end users the quality assurance they need where matters of safety and reliability are paramount.

Profoam Factory
Profoam Fabricant d'Emulseur mousse anti-incendie


Our highly sophisticated ultra-modern manufacturing facility caters for a daily production volume of 200,000 litres.
Key features of this sophisticated production plant include:

  • • a high-capacity, high-performance filtration system in the protein production section, ensuring thorough foam filtration and the elimination of all sediments
  • • an efficient proprietary ‘scrubbing’ system to remove and neutralise all noxious gases and pollutants as part of our commitment to the environment
  • multiple high-capacity stainless steel foam-concentrate reaction vessels
  • 100-tonne foam storage tanks
  • • automated filling of drums and containers, optimising production schedules and cost effectiveness.


Located at Novara, Italy, between Milan and Turin, the production plant affords easy access to many countries:

  • by sea: multiple seaports, including Genoa, La Spezia and Livorno, are located near to the factory for quick and easy access
  • by air: Milan Malpensa International Airport is only 40 km from the Profoam site
  • • by road: the extensive European motorway network is accessible within 5 km of the factory
Profoam Genova
profoam R&D


The innovative skill and knowledge of our Research and Development department in the field of fire-fighting foams has resulted in a comprehensive range of cutting-edge formulations for both protein and synthetic based foam concentrates.

In order to prevent both short and long-term environmental damage, the R&D team pay particular attention to employing chemicals that have no ecological impact when developing new formulations.


  • Profoam enjoys multiple international accreditations:
    ISO 9001 Quality Management;
  • ISO 9001 Foam Analysis Service
  • Environmental Management (AIA- Autorizzazione Integrata Ambientale)
  • Analysis laboratory accreditation

ISO 9001:2015

Profoam ISO-9001-2015
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profoam sponsor


PROFOAM takes great pride in sponsoring many sporting and civic causes that embody values of equality, loyalty and perseverance, including:

Youth Sports:

  • the “GB Junior” cycling team
  • Beta SDM Racing Motocross Team (Italian National Championship qualifiers)

Charitable institutions:

  • Firemen’s Orphans Association
  • NGOs such as the Red Cross, Handicap International, World Doctors, etc