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Our Commitments



PROFOAM is fully committed to environmental protection and accordingly formulates its foam concentrates using surfactants that DO NOT contain either PFOS or PFOA compounds

For a cleaner, safer environment, PROFOAM promotes the use of protein-based foam concentrates. Derived from natural products, protein-based concentrates are easily biodegradable and can be used at low temperatures without the need for anti-freeze additives.


PROFOAM foam concentrates fully comply with the most rigorous international standards and regulations. The majority of our foam concentrates are certified to all relevant international standards: EN 1568, ICAO, IMO, GESIP, APSAD, UL, NFPA, etc….

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PROFOAM produces a complete range of superior quality and ecologically sound foam concentrates (PFOS / PFOA free), including AFFF, FFFP, FluoroProtein, Alcohol Resistant (AR), Hi-Ex, Synthetic and F3 (Fluorine Free Foam).

For the production of fluorinated foam concentrates, PROFOAM uses only short-chain (C6 or less) surfactants that are harmless to nature and the environment.


Profoam Design and Infrastructure

Plant and Infrastructure

Our 10,000 m² sophisticated and ultra-modern manufacturing plant is capable of producing 200,000 litres of foam concentrate daily.

Our modern warehousing facility is specially equipped with rapid loading bays for trucks, 20’ and 40’ shipping containers, and rapid bulk tanker filling equipment, ensuring the fast and efficient distribution of foam concentrates.

The analysis laboratory and fire testing field, situated close to the production unit, caters for the regular and systematic physico-chemical evaluation of all foam concentrates produced, all within the relevant international standards. The R&D department and operator training rooms complete the production unit facilities.

Profoam Commitment to quality

Quality Assurance

Profoam’s technical department applies specific procedure and methodology for verification and control of the finished products:

  • raw material verification
  • automatized production procedure
  • systematic verification of intermediary products
  • control of packaging, storage, labelling and marking
  • analyses of samples of finished products

All of these processes are an integral part of the company’s quality manual and ISO 9001 certified to the latest version.

Profoam Commitment to quality
Profoam High-return technology

Cutting-Edge Technology

With our high-end production facility housing some of the most advanced and innovative technology available, PROFOAM is capable of producing commercially significant quantities of a wide range of foam compounds.

By formulating foam products for specific applications and installations, PROFOAM effectively provides customers a bespoke technical service of the highest standards.

All production line output is systematically sampled and analysed according to established industry standards and criteria. All finished products are subject to a final rigorous physico-chemical evaluation prior to dispatch.

The results from every production batch analysis are recorded and reference samples are kept on site for ongoing stability evaluation of the product over the course of its shelf life.

Full auditing ensures total and consistent quality control of all our products.

The flexibility of our production system is a key factor in growing our sales, as new and existing customers alike seek a manufacturer capable of producing and supplying the highest quality and most dependable product in the shortest possible timescale.

Profoam Respect for the Environment

Respecting the Environment

PROFOAM maintains the highest respect for the environment and full consideration is always given to environmental impact in the research and development of our products.

PROFOAM formulates its foam products with surfactants derived from short chains (C6) and which contain neither PerFluoro-Octanoic-Sulfonate nor PerFluoroOctane Acid. PFOS and PFOA are classified as persistent, bio-accumulative and toxic (PBT), by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Profoam Respect for the Environment
Profoam Global Emergency service

Global Emergency service

Located at the heart of the European continent, close to airports and sea ports, PROFOAM has the ability to supply large quantities of foam concentrates quickly and efficiently all around the world.

In large-scale emergency and disaster events, a telephone call is all that’s required to ensure ample quantities of a specific foam are rapidly dispatched, either from our warehoused stock or from our daily production capacity of 200,000 litres.