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Profoam Analyses Services


Our ISO 9001 certified and fully equipped analysis laboratory verifies the quality of foam concentrates, whatever their brand or origin.

Profoam recommends regular physico-chemical analysis and small-scale fire testing of stored foam concentrates to verify their current condition and to ensure their formulations and capabilities are correctly maintained.

PROFOAM’s analysis laboratory and fire testing ground are located within our production facility at Novara.
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PROFOAM is able to provide a professional training service in the use of foam concentrates to both existing and new customers

Technical training can be undertaken at Profoam International’s office in Paris, France and both technical and practical field training in foam application can take place at Profoam’s production plant in Novara, Italy.

Where matters of safety are paramount, we believe confidence in the quality of our products is very important, as is the assurance of the expertise and reliability of our technical teams and we therefore welcome visits to our Novara factory, where customers can inspect our facilities and even oversee the production of their orders.

Profoam - Training Services

Our Expertise

“Foam concentrates by professionals for professionals” is the PROFOAM motto and our highly qualified team provides an unrivalled service to customers and end users with the most demanding requirements.

Profoam offers customers unsurpassed levels of technical assistance, all within the framework of recognised international standards (EN, ICAO, NFPA, APSAD, GESIP, IMO, etc) and places its extensive knowledge of foam products and technology fully at the customer’s disposal.

Our expertise is crucial in assisting customers to assess their specific risks and needs. From regular in-house chemical analysis of current product, ensuring its continued efficacy, through to informed advice on the suitability of specific products for any particular installation parameter, PROFOAM provides a totally professional and comprehensive service to both new and existing customers.

The comprehensive and diverse range of PROFOAM products provides customers with a foam concentrate solution suitable for use in any hazardous environment, typically those found in oil and gas refineries and depots, petrochemical and chemical plants, heavy industrial plants and in any of the dangerous situations encountered by firefighting teams working within civil fire brigades, civil aviation and all branches of the armed forces.

In Paris, Profoam International continues to build an efficient and professional global network, capable of offering our highest standards of service and supply to customers all around the world.