Profoam Proflon FP

PROFLON FP Refineries Fuel tank farms Petroleum plants Fuel Loading platforms Boiler houses and Plant rooms FluoroProtein Foam concentrate Description PROFLON FP foam concentrate is a special composition of hydrolysed proteins, fluorocarbon surfactants and corrosion inhibitors, providing an excellent heat resistant foam blanket. The foam formed by PROFLON FP rapidly extinguishes very large fires, thanks […]


Profoam Protal P

Refineries Fuel tank farms Sea Vessels Airport runways Protein based foam foam concentrate Description PROTAL P foam concentrate is a composition of hydrolyzed proteins, foam stabilisers and corrosion inhibitors, creating a highly stable foam blanket with very high burn-back resistance. Foam formed by PROTAL P foam concentrate is very efficient in extinguishing petroleum fires when […]


Profoam Provex AR

Petrochemical Complexes Chemical Plants Petroleum plants Chemical tankers and transportation vessels All-Purpose FluoroProtein foam liquid (FP-AR) NEWTONIAN (Non viscose) Description PROVEX AR AR is a versatile all-purpose Fluoroprotein foam concentrate and is a composition of hydrolysed proteins, fluorocarbon surfactants, foam stabilisers and corrosion inhibitors. Its specific formulation and alco-oleophobic characteristics result in the formation of […]


Profoam Proflex-AR

Petroleum industry Chemical industry Chemical transport ships All-Purpose Film Forming FluoroProtein (AR-FFFP) Description PROFLEX AR is a complex composition of hydrolysed proteins with the addition of fluorocarbon surfactants, corrosion inhibitors, and special natural soluble polymers, which give the foam both outstanding film-forming abilities on the surface of hydrocarbon fires and the added benefit of a […]