Profoam Proflon FP

PROFLON FP Refineries Fuel tank farms Petroleum plants Fuel Loading platforms Boiler houses and Plant rooms FluoroProtein Foam concentrate Description PROFLON FP foam concentrate is a Fluoroprotein foam with special composition of hydrolysed proteins, fluorocarbon surfactants and corrosion inhibitors, providing an excellent heat resistant foam blanket. The foam formed by PROFLON FP rapidly extinguishes very […]


Profoam Provex AR

Petrochemical Complexes Chemical Plants Petroleum plants Chemical tankers and transportation vessels All-Purpose FluoroProtein foam liquid (FP-AR) NEWTONIAN (Non viscose) Description PROVEX AR AR is a versatile all-purpose Fluoroprotein foam concentrate and is a composition of hydrolysed proteins, fluorocarbon surfactants, foam stabilisers and corrosion inhibitors. Its specific formulation and alco-oleophobic characteristics result in the formation of […]


Profoam Proflex-AR

Petroleum industry Chemical industry Chemical transport ships All-Purpose Film Forming FluoroProtein (AR-FFFP) Foam concentrate Description PROFLEX AR is a complex composition of hydrolysed proteins with the addition of fluorocarbon surfactants, corrosion inhibitors, and special natural soluble polymers, which give the foam both outstanding film-forming abilities on the surface of hydrocarbon fires and the added benefit […]


Profoam Proflex

Refineries Petroleum tank farms Petroleum plants Fuel Loading platforms Site yards and Plant rooms Film Forming FluoroProtein foam concentrate (FFFP) Description PROFLEX is composed of hydrolysed proteins incorporating fluorocarbon surfactants, giving film-forming properties on the surface of hydrocarbon fires whilst maintaining high burn back resistance. PROFLEX combines the defining qualities of two foam types: the […]