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Chemical Plants

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All-Purpose FluoroProtein foam liquid (FP-AR) NEWTONIAN (Non viscose)

PROVEX AR AR is a versatile all-purpose Fluoroprotein foam concentrate and is a composition of hydrolysed proteins, fluorocarbon surfactants, foam stabilisers and corrosion inhibitors. Its specific formulation and alco-oleophobic characteristics result in the formation of a foam blanket which, due to its low-viscosity Newtonian properties, is highly fluid and also highly resistant to the destructive action of polar solvents (alcohols, ketones, ethers, etc.) and other hydrocarbons

PROVEX AR foam rapidly extinguishes hydrocarbon and polar solvent fires and its exceptional heat resistance makes PROVEX-AR the most suitable foam for the protection of large petroleum plants and petrochemical installations where there is a high risk of fire spreading.
Furthermore, such versatile qualities mean that a single foam concentrate can be utilised for protection against all types of fire risk, thus minimizing the foam storage requirements and eliminating the possibility of an incorrect foam concentrate being chosen for a particular fire-fighting event.

PROVEX AR Newtonian foam concentrate is primarily designed for:

  • Petrochemical Complexes
  • Chemical Plants
  • Petroleum plants
  • Chemical tankers and transportation vessels