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profoam - Hangars, ships holds, cellars

Aircraft hangars, ships’ holds, cellars

profoam - Chemical product plants

Chemical products storage facilities

profoam - Galeries and cable trays

Galeries and cable trays

profoam - Covered parking

Covered parking

profoam - Record locals, Machinery spaces

Archive storage facilities and machinery rooms

profoam - LNG and LPG plants

LNG and LPG plants

Multi-Expansion Synthetic Fluorine Free Foam (F3)

PROSINTEX foam concentrate is based on a particular formulation of synergetic surfactants and foam stabilisers which produces a highly plastic and remarkably fluid foam capable of covering large areas quickly, even in the presence of obstacles.

When PROSINTEX is used in high expansion generators, the large volumes of foam produced can rapidly flood large areas, making is highly suitable for the protection of aircraft hangars, ships’ holds and warehouses.

Used with medium expansion generators, it is ideal for the protection of plant and machinery rooms, pumping stations, settling or holding basins.

When used at medium or high expansion, PROSINTEX is also particularly recommended for controlling or suppressing vapour release from cryogenic gases (LNG, LPG) or other chemicals such as ammonia and hydrochloric acid

PROSINTEX is designed for protection of:

  • Aircraft hangars, ships’ holds, cellars
  • Chemical products storage facilities
  • Galeries and cable trays
  • Covered parking
  • Archive storage facilities and machinery rooms
  • LNG and LPG plants