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profoam - Refineries


profoam - Fuel storage tank farms

Fuel tank farms

profoam - Petroleum plants

Petroleum plants

profoam - Loading platforms

Fuel Loading platforms

profoam - Boilers and machinery room

Boiler houses and Plant rooms

FluoroProtein Foam concentrate

PROFLON FP foam concentrate is a special composition of hydrolysed proteins, fluorocarbon surfactants and corrosion inhibitors, providing an excellent heat resistant foam blanket.

The foam formed by PROFLON FP rapidly extinguishes very large fires, thanks to its remarkable stability and fluidity, even in the presence of overheated metal structures within a fire.

PROFLON FP is primarily used in :

  • Refineries
  • Fuel tank farms
  • Petroleum plants
  • Fuel Loading platforms
  • Boilers houses and plant room