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profoam - Structures and buildings

Buildings and other structures

profoam - Feux de braises - émulseur Prosintex A

Smouldering Fires

profoam - Food & clothing warehouses

Food & clothing warehouses

profoam - Shops, parking and industrial warehouses

Shops, parking garages and industrial warehouses

profoam - Small sized hydrocarbon fire such as car fires

Small hydrocarbon fires, such as automobile fires

profoam - caoutchouc, plastique et pneus

Rubber, plastic and tyres

profoam - Paper, carton box, wood etc…

Paper, cardboard, wood etc…

profoam - Forest fires

Forest fires

Synthetic Foam for Class “A” fires

PROSINTEX A foam concentrate is formulated using synergetic surfactants, wetting agents and foam stabilisers, and is capable of providing important wetting and cooling effects on class A fires (wood, fabric, rubber, etc.).

PROSINTEX A extinguishes class A fires, also called ‘dry fires’, using a three-way action:

  • cooling the seat of fire
  • smothering the fire by engulfing the area and increasing the water vapour content in the atmosphere
  • • acting as a wetting agent to aid the penetration of water into the heart of the fire

PROSINTEX A is designed for use at very low concentrations and is therefore very economical. It greatly improves the ability of water to extinguish a fire and can also be used as a wetting agent.

PROSINTEX A is primarily designed for:

  • Buildings and other structures
  • Smouldering Fires
  • Food & clothing warehouses
  • Shops, parking garages and industrial warehouses
  • Small hydrocarbon fires, such as automobile fire
  • Rubber, plastic and tyres
  • Paper, cardboard, wood etc…
  • Forest fires