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profoam - fire gas

Gas fires

profoam - LNG and LPG plants

LNG and LPG fires

Gas special Synthetic Foam

PROSINTEX G foam concentrate is composed of synergetic surfactants and foam stabilisers that are specially formulated to produce a high-quality stable foam which limits the escape of toxic gases and, more specifically, can control LNG and LPG fires when used at medium and high expansion.

The foam produced by PROSINTEX G in medium and high expansion generators combats gas fires in a three-way action:

  • large foam volumes to help produce an inert atmosphere with reduced oxygen content
  • a cooling effect due to the water content of the foam bubbles
  • complete enveloping of the risk area, producing a stifling effect on gas fires

PROSINTEX G is designed for:

  • Gas fires
  • LNG and LPG fires