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Fluorine Free Foam Protein based

PROTAL ECOPLUS 3F is an Eco-friendly foam concentrate based on a natural protein foaming agent in a 100% Fluorine-free and Zinc-free formulation.

PROTAL ECOPLUS 3F is a formulation of hydrolysed proteins, foam stabilisers and corrosion inhibitors that yields a stable foam blanket with high burn-back resistance.

The unique formulation of PROTAL ECOPLUS 3F foam concentrate is based on the latest advances in protein foam technology.

The protein base provides a strong and stable foam blanket with excellent heat resistance that can quickly smother, cool and contain the fire risk. Special active agents combined with the protein base increase both its fluidity and its resistance to hydrocarbon degradation.

is very effective on overheated metal structures and the integrity of the foam blanket will reform if disrupted by personnel or equipment.

PROTAL ECOPLUS 3F is designed for:

  • Refineries
  • Fuel tank farms
  • Sea Vessels
  • Airport runways